Navigator Investments

Welcome Note

In our foregoing journeys, we navigated on various waters, from the gently-flowing river to the stormy oceans. We cut through the waves by several vessels, there was a brittle barge, a rapid three-masted schooner among them, and even a strong cruiser with many seagoing adventures behind its back. Sometimes we steered our own ship and sometimes assisted other captains to sail theirs.

In the course of our travels, we amplified our former knowledge about ships and shipping with wide-ranging experiences. It is clear now to us that during a long and exhausting voyage, besides being persistent and determined, the navigational instruments that help to find one’s latitude even in harsh weather conditions are just as much important.

The main point is to have a partner at our sides who is excellently skilled in the application of tools, a navigator who has a good grasp of changeable waters and is able to improve the boat for the sake of reaching the destination, regardless of the fact that we have a giant ocean liner or a simple fishing smack.

Our aim is to give useful advices as navigators to point out the right destination and direction, to select the proper class of ship and crew as well as to find the money for the costs of a safe trip to those who honour us with their curiosity and confidence.

For the team of NAVIGATOR Investments, all that have meant professional and ethical commitment of a high-degree, creed and a way of life since almost 20 years by this time.