BioTech – APERUS Pharma Zrt.

Q134R molecule for treating Alzheimer’s disease

Who we are?

APERUS Pharma Ltd. is a project company established solely for the purpose of finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. The founders of APERUS have spent two billion HUF for research and development in the past ten years. During this time, the team of AVIDIN identified a molecule (Q134R), which was successfully tested in Phase I/A, and is ready to be further examined and inspected in international projects.

NAVIGATOR acquired minority share in APERUS Pharma Ltd., which was established together with a biotech company, AVIDIN, in order to specifically focus the financial resources on developing the cure against Alzheimer’s disease. As such, NAVIGATOR is the venture capital investor and business consultant of the company.

SONEAS Chemicals Ltd. is a professional chemical service provider. The developments are carried out in an innovative and pragmatic manner, which creates opportunities to add value to its clients’ projects. As SONEAS is the partner of AVIDIN, it contributes to the execution of the project and as a result SONEAS acquired a minority share in APERUS Pharma Ltd.

Drem Ltd. is a private R&D company, which closely cooperates with the physics researchers of ELTE in its IT, engineering and healthcare research projects. Using the results of these research projects Drem has developed innovative solutions in several industries. Clients of Drem Ltd. include General Motors, GE Lighting, ELTE, and the University of Szeged.

What we do?