Our Team

Zoltán Jutasi – Chairman and CEO

Jutasi earned his degree at Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration (now called as Corvinus University of Budapest) in Product Management, Logistics and Company valuation. He established his first business during his years at university, in 1995. In the past 25 years he participated in several buyer- and seller-side acquisitions. He is a versatile strategic and M&A expert, and has several years of experience in leadership. Jutasi has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of portfolio management, financing, risk management and M&A transactions. He has reference in private equity transaction and company is law in the IT, telecommunications, real estate, construction and forwarding sectors. Specializations: strategic decision making, management, strategic project management, corporate and business strategy, business development, corporate governance, organizational development and M&A. Private website: Zoltán Jutasi More informations: Wikipedia; Linkedin

Dr. András Eperjesi – Operative Director, Member of the Board of Directors

He has degrees in economics and law and political science, and he works as the operative director of NAVIGATOR, where he keeps together and coordinates the activities within the group. He participates in determining the strategic aims and the development of the organization. He has 16 years of experience in corporate advisory. During his career he gained experience is several fields, but he is mainly interested in IT and investment. As an advisor, he also worked to help foreign investors enter the Hungarian market, mainly from the Middle East. His strengths include investment advisory, preliminary investment analysis, planning transactional strategies and project management. He is familiar with cross-border transactional issues, and his main focuses are information technology, IT development, joint ventures and strategic support of transactions.

Tom Frater – Member of the Board of Directors

He is founder-owner of the Hussar & Co. and the member of the board at NAVIGATOR, and is responsible for the Central European real estate projects. As a child of emigrants of the Hungary of ’56, he was born in the United States. In the past 25 years he was in operational and portfolio management positions at many private equity and real estate investment companies. He started his career in 1987 at a small family office (Brennikmeijer/AMCENA). Later, he was mandated by another family office to establish a venture capital fund in Vienna in the value of 300 million USD. During the ‘90s, he participated in creating private equity and RE funds in the Middle East, and he also took part in creating the Asian investment strategy of JP Morgan Chase. He earned his degree at the University of Pennsylvania. Currently he lives in Vienna with his family.

Attila Tóth – Transactional Director

He has 20 years of experience in capital markets. He started his career at the Government Debt Management Agency, and was the Deputy CEO at the Budapest Stock Exchange for 8 years, between 2008 and 2015. Here he was responsible for business development and trade management, and his main task was the facilitation of IPOs. Simultaneously, he worked as a consultant in several capital market development projects. His mission is to develop the Hungarian financial culture. From 2003 to 2010 he was the secretary of the Self-Care Foundation (Öngondoskodás Alapítvány), and since 2013 he is board member of the Financial Compass Foundation (Pénziránytű Alapítvány), which was created by the Hungarian National Bank. He earned his degree in Finance in 1997, at the Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration.

Gyula Bárány – International Business Development Director, Member of the Board of Directors

Gyula is responsible for the NAVIGATOR Group’s network in the Middle East and in Asia. He has more than 25 years of experience in project planning and management. He led several infrastructural and telecommunication projects in Kuwait, and he coordinated the planning of many BOT and PPP real estate and services projects’ proposal in the GCC countries.
Since 2013 he helps Hungarian companies to enter to the market in the Middle East as an honorary commercial consultant; he organizes the market entry and investments of investors from the Middle East, mainly to Hungary and to South Europe (Cyprus and Greece). He gained several years of experience organizing, mediating, and execution international investment projects. Thanks to his excellent analytics and communicational skills he contributes to the Group in both investment and sales.

Dr. Miklós Bencze – Chief Legal Officer

He earned his degree in law and political science, and he also acquired and MBA. Miklós is responsible for the legal operation of the company, he assists with the legal issues of transactions, contracts and other documents. Previously he worked at Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH., where he was managing the operations of the electronic toll system project in Budapest. His experience includes M&A transactions and privatizations, as well as strategic and operational management, organizational restructuring, and consultancy. He was the Chief CEO of the Hungarian Public Road Plc., and before that he was the director at MALÉV. In these positions he was responsible for responsible for many areas, including legal, administrative, public procurement, strategy, organizational development, project management, communication, HR, IT, quality assurance, and corporate relations. His specialties are international legal affairs, strategic planning, organizational development, M&A transactions, communications, efficiency development and project management.