Our Partners

BSE – Budapest Stock Exchange

“It is part of the BSE’s strategy to increase the number of issuers and to make the advantages of stock market capitalisation available to more and more companies. The development of a national SME market is an important part of this strategy, which can be an important forum for fast-growing companies to be financed and grow into large companies based on international experience.” (Source: BSE)
NAVIGATOR has become the exclusive partner of RANDOM Capital in the new, SME-focused platform.

RANDOM Capital

The company – established in 2009 – is the largest player in the online brokerage services segment. The team of RANDOM Capital played a crucial role in developing online investment services on the Hungarian market.


Hussar & Co. is a Europe-focused independent real estate investment advisory company, which provides both sell- and buy-side advisory services to institutional investors, private equity funds, and family offices.


Avidin Ltd. is a biotech company which primarily researches and develops medicines for treating CNS diseases and tumours. Besides its own R&D portfolio Avidin takes part in several international scientific cooperations and runs laboratory tests as part of them.


The SONEAS Chemicals Ltd. is a pharmaceutical company, a professional chemical service which uses innovative technology and pragmatic approach in R&D, and creates opportunities to add value to its clients’ projects.