Company History

2018 – NAVIGATOR becomes the Nominated Adviser of the BSE

The institution of the Nominated Adviser is the new advisory status created by the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE). A designated NomAd has the exclusive right to facilitate the listing of shares of small- and medium-sized on BSE Xtend, which is a new market for SMEs wanting to appear on the stock exchange. The system itself is not a new solution as the institution of NomAds has been is use for several years now at the London Stock Exchange. NAVIGATOR contributes to the development of the capital market as the Exclusive Partner of RANDOM Capital. For more information click here:

2018 – NAVIGATOR invests into a biotech company

As a facilitator of private equity investments, NAVIGATOR acquired minority share in APERUS Pharma Ltd., a business engaged in the development of a possible cure for Alzheimer’s disease. APERUS Pharma has been established together with a biotech company, AVIDIN.

2017 – Expansion of the service portfolio of NAVIGATOR – Generation change

A new investment model has been introduced by NAVIGATOR under the name of generation change. The Group primarily focuses on providing complex solutions for those businesses that are struggling with succession. In majority of the cases the family members do not want or cannot take over the company, to which the owner-founder has strong bonds. The clients of NAVIGATOR primarily consist of businesses in manufacturing or assembly that have high value added and balanced cash flow with proper machinery.

2014 – Exit, exit, exit

2014 was the year of exits. The management of NAVIGATOR terminated the Group’s crisis management activity and sold these companies of the portfolio. The business gradually sold its interests in both SYNERGON and Morando during this year.

2013 – MORANDO Venture Capital Fund

NAVIGATOR was a financial investor in the Venture Capital Fund, and bought minority shares in the Fund as well in order to take part in the management of the acquired companies.

2011 – SYNERGON transaction

At that time SYNERGON was listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange, in which NAVIGATOR became the biggest shareholder in 2010 with its 15.89% share in the company. As a result of the successful reorganization the revenue of the SYNERGON Group exceeded 70 million USD, and the share prices increased from 140 to about 450 HUF.

2010 – NAVIGATOR Investments Ltd.

In this year NAVIGATOR Invest Ltd. changed its name to NAVIGATOR Investments Ltd. and started its business activity in the field of crisis management. In 2011 the company concluded an agreement with the SYNERGON Group, according to which Zoltán Jutasi became CEO of the Group.

2007 – Reorganization of the KÉSZ Group

In the end of 2007, right before the global financial crisis, Jutasi acquired shares in the KÉSZ Group. As part of the transaction the newly established management provided by NAVIGATOR executed reorganizational processes throughout the whole Group, which led to the survival of the company after the crisis. Gyula Gansperger, former CEO of the Hungarian National Asset Management Inc., also took part in the transaction. NAVIGATOR’s shares in the company were sold in 2009.

2005 – First successful seller-side M&A transaction

The Euroweb Group made an offer for the IT businesses of NAVIGATOR in 2005, which was accepted and as a result, Wallis and Jutasi sold their shares in these companies to the Group. After the transaction the M&A transactions became the main activity of Jutasi’s business and the NAVIGATOR Invest Ltd. came into life.

2003 – The first acquisition

NAVIGATOR bought up one of the subsidiaries of Antenna Hungária, AM-IT S.A., and merged with the IT business of Wallitrade. After the successful transaction, with the fusion of three IT businesses within the Wallitrade Group, NAVIGATOR Informatics S.A. was established. The company achieved more than 2 billion HUF turnover by 2005, and became one of the leading outsourcing businesses on the Hungarian market.

2001 – Member of the WALLIS Group

Wallis became a financial investor of the company. During this time NAVIGATOR acquired a strong client base, including such companies as Antenna Hungária, Ericsson Hungary, the Hungarian National Blood Transfusion Service, and the Wallis Group.

1995 – The beginnings

Zoltán Jutasi founded the predecessor of NAVIGATOR with Hungarian and Austrian peers in 1995, with the name of Qualit-Invest. The company dealt with project financing, stock market analysis, and later on with reorganisation and management. In 2000 the company’s service portfolio was extended with entering into the IT business.