Initial Public Offering

NOMAD (Nominated Adviser)

As partner of the Budapest Stock Exchange, NAVIGATOR, together with RANDOM Capital, provides a complex service package for companies that want to raise funds on the stock exchange. As part of this process, we provide support in the issuance of bonds and shares, whether  it is public or private.

BSE Xtend Market

Nominated Adviser is a newly established institution by the Budapest Stock Exchange, and those companies who acquire this status have the exclusive right to take on the IPO process of SMEs on the Xtend Market.

Xtend is the new market which has been established solely for small- and medium-sized enterprises, where the companies undertaking IPO can have basically the same benefits as in case of a ‘normal’ issuance of shares, but at the same time they face much lower transaction costs and looser requirements. The special support system of the BSE also has the aim of further decreasing the costs of the IPO process.

Széchenyi Venture Capital Management

It is an exceptional opportunity for SMEs who wants to appear on the Xtend Market as the National Stock Exchange Development Fund – managed by the Széchenyi Venture Capital Management Ltd. – has a budget of 13 billion HUF, which is accessible exclusively to those SMEs that undertake the IPO process.

Advantages of IPO

Appearing on the stock exchange can mean a solution not only for those businesses who want to acquire external capital, but also for companies wanting to benefit from the advantages of being listed on the market or for those who want to acquire resources only after the IPO. The so-called technical listing offers a solution for the latter one, in which case the company becomes a publicly traded firm but does not undertake public IPO.

What we offer

NAVIGATOR Investments, together with its partner, RANDOM Capital, helps the company through the whole process of IPO, starting from establishing a financing strategy to supporting the trading of shares. Our service package offers the followings:

  • Due diligence and valuation – from both a legal and business perspective – and inspecting the fulfilment of the requirements for IPO on the Xtend Market
  • Undertaking the negotiations with potential investors
  • Preparing the necessary documentation for the IPO
  • Managing the permission process
  • Legal advisory for going public
  • Communicational advisory
  • Undertaking the sale of shares
  • Continuous support after the IPO
    • Supervising the fulfilment of disclosure obligation
    • Facilitating the trading of shares with analyses and price quotations