Corporate Finance and Management

NAVIGATOR Investments possesses decades of experience in the fields of management, strategic planning and corporate finance. We make our knowledge accessible to our clients and provide a wide range of services in projects of this sort.


Our company has a broad experience in selling and buying businesses. Our service package includes the following (on demand): looking for potential targets/buyers, preparing the businesses for the acquisition, providing the necessary legal, economic, and financial due diligence, ensuring external finance, and undertaking the transaction if needed.

Corporate Finance

The barrier for many companies to grow – especially for family businesses – is their inappropriate financial structure. Nowadays even for small companies there are several opportunities (besides the traditional bank loans) for the companies to provide financial assistance for their growth. If you are thinking about investing (either small or big), desiring bigger market share, or maybe acquisition of a company – our team will help you to find the optimal solution.

Strategic Advisory

Growing further or exit and selling the business? Finding new markets or strengthening the position on the current one? The moment comes in the life of every business when a decision has to be made about the long-term strategy. Our team has decades of experience regarding business strategy and crisis management. We help the owners to make the best possible decisions concerning their business.

ERP Systems

The key to operational efficiency in most cases is having the right ERP and project management systems. The team of NAVIGATOR acquired significant knowledge and know-how in choosing, implementing and integrating the right system to our clients.