NAVIGATOR Group offers services in the field of investments, placement of venture capital, property management and crisis management. The corporate group handles acquisitions of firms with lack of resources due to their earlier investments or going through a crisis and takes up reorganization of small and medium-sized enterprises wrestling with financial and organisational problems. NAVIGATOR Investments Zrt. is the principal unit of a holding-based corporate group;  involved itself in professional property  management. It is exercising strategic control over  the group members, overviews  the business achievements, manages the developments and investments, and provides (financial, legal) services for internal use.

Who We Are

NAVIGATOR is the interface between entrepreneurs and the capital market that seek to invest in and manage privately owned businesses in the CEE Region.

Our Focus

NAVIGATOR is identifying businesses with Succession stories, high value of assets and positive cash flows in a strong balance sheet. The target companies are incorporated in the CEE Region.

Why Navigator?

NAVIGATOR is able to provide both the management and the capital to ensure the successful legacy of the business.

Our Experience


The revenue of the companies managed in our portfolio in the past 15 years have exceeded a total of 500 million USD.



Hundreds of satisfied clients in the fields of IT, Telco, Real Estate, Construction, Production and Transportation.



NAVIGATOR Group has been investing in Hungary and the CEE for the last 20 years in 4 different groups of companies integrating nearly 100 individual business entities.

M&A Deals


Our team have been performing investment activities and providing consultancy services for more than 15 years in Hungary and the CEE Region. Its team members have acquired high level management experience for over 20 years in the IT, telecommunications, real estate, construction, logistics and capital market sectors.

NAVIGATOR – also as a potential buyer itself – is offering tailor made solutions for SME enterprises facing the challenges of owner succession

Diverse services in the field of M&A, professional investment strategy counselling and support in high level business decision making.

NAVIGATOR Support Services for registering Small-, and Medium sized Enterprises into the Budapest Stock Exchange including IPO services.

Current Investments

As an investment company, NAVIGATOR Group aims to build a balanced portfolio of investments, in which R&D projects with high return potential and stable, mature businesses are also included.

Our main focus is on experimental drug development, and the development and introduction of new kinds of nutritional supplement products that possess high growth and return potential.

We are primarily targeting small- and medium sized enterprises facing the issue of generation change. We are looking for companies with stable revenue generation ability and high growth potential, and we provide exit opportunities or solutions for succession for the original owners of these businesses.

NAVIGATOR Group takes active part in several RE development projects as a developer, project coordinator, general contractor or a vendor. The detailed description on the ongoing projects can be viewed after registration.


More references

  • Ericsson Magyarország – 2004-2007
  • Graboplast Rt. – 2002-2003
  • Kulturális Örökségvédelmi Hivatal - 2002
  • OVSZ – 2004-2005
  • PSZAF – Aeneis 2004
  • Ericsson Magyarország – 2004-2007
  • Graboplast Rt. – 2002-2003
  • Kulturális Örökségvédelmi Hivatal - 2002
  • OVSZ – 2004-2005
  • PSZAF – Aeneis 2004
  • Blondel Ltd. – Faipar 1997
  • MART Ltd. (ÖAG Gruppe) - 1997
  • OMV Hungaria - 1997
  • OMV Slovensko - 1998
  • Mátra Malom Rt. - 1998
  • ÉPTEK Rt. - 1998
  • Crow Holdings - 1999
  • Azimex Ltd. - 2000
  • Körte-Organica - 2001
  • MAHART (eConsult) -2001
  • PSINet/Elender - 2002
  • Shell Mo. – 2000 január
  • Bbraun Ltd. - 2002
  • Cafe csoport - 2002
  • Saab - Polar Mobil Ltd. - 2003
  • Guards Rt. (GPSCom) 2003
  • Euroweb - 2004
  • Ericsson Magyarország – 2004-2007
  • Graboplast Rt. – 2002-2003
  • Kulturális Örökségvédelmi Hivatal - 2002
  • OVSZ – 2004-2005
  • PSZAF – Aeneis 2004
  • Antenna Hungária Rt.
  • Wallis Csoport

Press Room

In the last 15 years several articles had been published in connection with NAVIGATOR’s projects, investments and it’s lead in the Hungarian press. After 2015, the NAVIGATOR Online is also publishing technical and business articles mainly about his own activities.